When was the last time you connected with a stranger? Or ate without staring at a screen? How about the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

Can’t remember? Neither could we.

So we decided to change that.

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The Pop is a creative consultancy aiming to satisfy the hunger for transformative experiences.

We design bespoke, multisensory experiences enabling people to connect on a deeper emotional level, creating long-term memories that translate into long-term relationships.

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We help you translate products into memorable experiences that generate new content, complementing your existing communication strategies.

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We are your experiential arm, designing bespoke events to complement any existing client strategies: from marketing, PR and digital to consumer and influencer engagement.



We design internal (team building, innovation, change focused) and external facing (CSR, stakeholder, tourism led) experiences that ignite new conversations.

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Curating the special moments in your life to reflect your uniqueness: from birthdays and weddings to funerals and wakes, we make your life POP.

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Storytelling has always been at the core of human civilization and is one of the oldest forms of communications.

We help you communicate and connect with your consumers in an immersive and meaningful way.

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Services offered

Menu design
Venue Sourcing
Experience design & delivery
Content creation & Amplification
Consumer engagement and analytics
Marketing & Communication Strategy
Event production (concept to delivery)
Storytelling across new and existing mediums

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About Us

The Pop is the brainchild of Caroline Hobkinson (Food Artist & Anthropologist) and Ishwari Thopte (Brand & Communication Strategist).

The founders’ professional backgrounds and experience in the food, art, fashion and tech industries gives them a unique interdisciplinary perspective across these creative sectors, inspiring them to design innovative experiences that are equally relevant and way beyond the times.

Let us POP your mind!


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